Getting ready to play in NFS The Run

When you start the game NFS The Run, press Enter button to enter game menu. Here you can choose in the normal story mode or you can select "Series" competition - a race for prizes, awards and achievements. This new race series will open as you progress through the main story.

Item multiplayer allows you to compete with real players via the Internet. Clicking on the "Show cars" you will see all the cars available in this game. If you have not very powerful computer, look in "Settings" and set there a lower quality. And in "Settings" you can change the volume of game sounds, and to adjust the data for an Origin account.

The first levels

Selecting The Run item in the main menu you are taken to an additional menu where you can either start a new game or select any stage (if already passed the campaign scene). In the "leaderboard" you can see the achievements your friends, but you need to have an active Internet connection and an account in Origin.

Click "Start new game" and then select the complexity. If you are good, choose the right "Difficult" if you don't want to be nervous, but too bothered to take the "Norm". "Easy", you can choose the beginners, not knowing anything about the computer race. There is also the paragraph "Extreme", which opens only after completing The Run on any difficulty. Selecting the difficulty, you will see a beautiful introductory video, introducing in the course of the storyline.

In the story it turns out that you play a guy who owed a lot of money for the mob. For this he want to compress with the car at the dump. He narrowly out comes, jumps into the first car and trying to get away from the bandits. Here, the player and give a control, it needs to go from a few black cars. After escaping, the protagonist finds out from a friend that there is illegal racing competition. The main prize of $ 25 million, this amount will solve all the problems of the hero.

Management and objectives

After the opening mission you have to choose the machine that will start passing the plot. Given a choice of BMW, Nissan, Ford. Blocked are the Chevrolet and Porsche — they are only for PlayStation 3. Starting the race, according to the standard management on the PC — gas is the key "A" in English layout, arrows "left" and "right" in order to make turns, the arrow "back" to brake.

At every stage your task is to overtake your rivals, if you bump into a pole, or a bunch of cars going way back, the game will restart and will start from the last checkpoint. After the mission, you get experience and rating. The levels are displayed in the main menu at the bottom. You can restart the race, go to the main menu or to continue the race The Run.