Choice of comfortable seats on the plane

The variety of places the plane is still slightly inferior to the train. There are no upper and lower rows, as well as the usual places on the side. The passengers are provided:
- the tail of the aircraft;
- aisle or window;
- in the nose of the aircraft or the wing.
Before you select comfortable seats on the plane we have to decide what your personal preferences.

Distances between sensors are different, depending on the class of comfort. More comfortable seats located near the exit and in the front of the plane. Better to choose the places it is there to be with the greatest convenience. If you care about the greatest security, take place in the tail of the aircraft.

According to statistics, more accidents occur during takeoff or landing. The fact that during takeoff the aircraft can easily catch hold of the tail of the earth. The front part in case of fracture goes forward and falls to the ground and the tail just stays on the ground.

A definite plus for planting at the beginning of the salon that you will be able to stretch your legs and when you need to sleep. You will not interfere with the drafts and the noise of the engines. In addition, the distribution of food and beverages is produced with the nose of the plane. From this it follows that the front seats are the most comfortable and convenient.

The choice of location in the plane, given its growth

When choosing seats on the plane you also need to consider your height. If it is less than 160 centimeters, you may well be able to fit in the middle row. There you will be good enough and convenient.

But if your height is much higher these numbers, there will not be so comfortable. Your feet will rest against a chin, as a result, you will not be able to let loose.
Passengers with a growth of more than 160 centimeters is best to choose seats in the bow or at the door.

Place the tail of the aircraft are a great area to relax. If you prefer in-flight sleep, definitely go there. As a rule, in this part of the air vehicle there are always vacancies, because many of them choose the middle and the beginning of the salon.

But you need to take into account the specific nuances. Some aircraft engines are in the back. Because of this, you will always hear the noise of the engines. If you are very sensitive, it is unlikely to be able to sleep and rest well.

According to statistics, for many passengers the question of where is better to sit in the plane, yet not the most significant - it is more important neighbour, with which they fly. It is with them during the flight to talk to and have a wonderful time.