He is not yet ready to ensure that his passport has a stamp. First, you should understand why he doesn't want to become the legal husband.

Perhaps his reluctance to get married, there are objective reasons. For example, a banal lack of money. Sometimes women so want to dress up in a white dress that they are often willing to go into debt and credit history. Men in this respect more rational approach. They try to have at disposal a certain amount of money for the wedding and honeymoon. If the reason is money, start together to postpone the Finance for the future wedding. Let it become your total business.

Often men fear marriage if you already had over their shoulders a the experience of a failed marriage. And here they can understand, because some women after the cherished marriage ceremony relax and show your true colors. Likely, your man is afraid of a repetition of a similar scenario. Or maybe he just grew up in a family where mom and dad instead of love there was an enmity.

That is why before making informed decisions about marriage between a man and a woman should live with each other, to understand, whether they approach each other in everyday life. Usually conflicts start 3 months after start of their life together. If they will be able to repay, the next crisis phase begins next year. If the partners have managed to keep each other pure feelings for one and a half years together - the man himself is usually ready to be a husband.

Marriage must be approached with full responsibility. Therefore it is not necessary to blackmail the man (Or wedding, or I'm leaving"), and try to marry him to himself on the Board with the help of the child. Suddenly he questioned the need to get married because I'm not sure he wants to spend with you all my life, to raise children together? Think about whether you want to bring up the child alone or in the family, in which there is no mutual love?

Don't look for friends, do not envy that many of them already married. With the mind of almost every family seems perfect. Remember that a wedding - is simple enough, it is much harder to Wake up every morning in a good mood because next to you is really a beloved person, with whom you want to be together forever and are in trouble and in joy.