"My girlfriend trying to ruin my life, why be married?"

One of the most common reasons for maintaining the status of the bachelor – unsubstantiated claims of his girlfriend. If she demands something, gives a sea of negativity nags him for any reason, even the most tolerant and inclined to compromise, the guy changes his mind to associate with such a woman life.
Unmarried friends may convince a man not to marry. Weak character or dependence on the opinions of people can push a man to this decision.

Another good reason for the reluctance to marry young and as a consequence unwillingness to take responsibility. Moreover, youth in this case, a rather subjective criterion. Sometimes at thirty-five, and forty years a man may consider himself too young for marriage. Such men want to party and to calm down, but it's usually limited to only the first item. In the case of such men, their excuse "I was too early to marry" seamlessly turns into "I'm too late to marry".

The question of Finance occupies a place of honor in the list of causes. The lack of a stable financial situation can lead to years of promises to marry as soon as possible. After all, marriage implies a further increase in the family, and many responsible men are just not ready to have children until the financial situation will not be stable.
If the man repeatedly said he was not going to marry you, and you it is very important to enter into a legal marriage, don't waste your time on him, go. It is unlikely that these relationships will lead you to the altar.

Men and their fears

By the way, the issue of children is also very important. Many men are just not ready for that responsibility. And it's not even the limitation of their personal freedom. Many men doubt that they can be good fathers. If a man expresses this fear, it must to persuade. Usually it is from doubting men make good parents.
Reluctance to become monogamous – important reason why men may hesitate to get married. This is a very "honest", because many were married and then cheating on their partners by satisfying their desires.

Sometimes a man can change his mind to marry, came to the conclusion that next to him the woman he will love until the end of days. Sometimes quite some detail that the man began to doubt his girlfriend or her feelings.