Women's watches today is a luxury item, an indicator of the taste. However, these accessories are also practical function, although many ladies prefer to check time on a mobile phone or another gadget. Despite the relative constancy of the "time" of fashion, famous designers ready to please girls interesting models of watches. And if you want to wear this season, be sure to take into account the latest trends, going to the store for another wrist a watch.
This year, the favorites remain the classic fashion ladies watch. These models have a round dial, traditional 12-step layout and a leather or metal strap. In the form of the classic accessories can be traced laconic lines, their design is characterized by restraint. Popular and wrist watch with a rectangular, square dial, they are best suited for business, office style.
Relevant now women's watch, which was used items color gold, platinum, silver. Fashion decoration dials Swarovski crystals, they can be both transparent and colored. Make a refined image will help accessories with bracelet, consisting of thin chains or metal rings. And for those who love precious stones, a lucky find would be the options, set with sapphires and diamonds. These watches become contemporary designers into works of art.
For lovers of sports style good news – at the height of fashion today watches with silicone straps and large dials. Such accessories often have a variety of functions, ranging from calendar and ending with the heart rate monitor. Close attention should be paid to watch, executed in emerald, purple color, tint wet asphalt or coral, mint, pomegranate. Some models combine several fashion colors. Do not forget about the relevance of prey prints.
A trend this season steel women's wrist watch with figures on the dial. It can be labels, images, cats, butterflies, and other colorful prints. Be sure to get and watch with unusual shapes of dials. For example, leading brands offer fashion accessories with massive straps of snake skin, Python. Highly sought after combination straps wristwatches – plastic in combination with metal, metal together with natural leather.