Moscow river: geographical position and characteristics

Moscow river begins its course a few kilometers from the railway station Drovnino in the region of the marshes. The location of the source of the river, called "Moskvoretsky puddle". About a dozen kilometers of the Moscow river flows in the Smolensk region. In the upper reaches of this waterway is rather large Mozhaiskogo reservoir.

There is a version according to which the name of the river comes from staroslovyanskogo the word "mosque", which means "marshy beach". Another legend says that the name of the Moskva river has received from the Baltic or Finno-Ugric terms, denotes marshland. According to the third version that Moscow had previously called "bear river." However, to reliably determine the etymological roots of the name of the river today is quite difficult.

In the course of its flow the Moskva river receives many tributaries. The largest and most famous of them – the river Ruza, Istra, the Setun and Yauza. The river basin includes more than three hundred rivers, small streams and creeks. Through this waterway can meet up with a few strong hydro, some of which is used to supply the Russian capital.
To create the best conditions for navigation on the Moskva river built a complex system of gateways.

Falls where the river Moscow

The Moscow river is one of the largest left tributaries of the Oka, which, in turn, included in the Volga basin. Being the largest and most full-flowing right tributary of the Volga, Oka initially flows North, then makes a sharp turn in an easterly direction.
After connecting to the Moscow river, the Oka turns again, making a bend, and carries its waters to the South.

On the river Moscow court are free to go beyond your mouth to oku. Connect the two rivers is approximately 855 km from the mouth of the Oka. It is in the confluence of Moscow and Oka is a city of Kolomna, one of the most beautiful places of Russia. Most likely place for the laying of the settlement was chosen with knowledge of the case, too, it is attractive from the point of view of the development of navigation.

Kolomna – the administrative center of one of districts of the Moscow region, located almost midway between the capital of Russia and Ryazan. This ancient city today is a fairly large industrial center and an extensive transportation hub. Of particular importance for the development of local transport infrastructure have rivers of Oka and Moscow. In General, the Moscow river shipping in the area from the capital to Kolomna.