Advice 1: Unlike trimmer razor

We live in a time when technology is not standing still. Constantly made some new equipment. For example, when the hairdresser I had to work with scissors, but now he can do hair using a trimmeror clippers. If you want to buy such a device for home use, it is important to understand the difference between trimmer from the shaver.
The difference from razor trimmer

What is a trimmer and clipper

Trimmer called device that allows you to remove hair on any part of the body. It can be used to create, for example, intimate hairstyles. Additional attachments allow you to use the trimmer in electric shavers. If we talk about price, it is much more expensive than conventional cars because of its compactness.

Clipper is a type of home appliances of small size, intended for getting rid of hair on the head and give them the necessary forms. Today there are models that can easily cope with the cut beard and mustache. To operate the machine directly from the mains or using batteries. Designed for home use.

The difference from razor trimmer

The main difference between these two devices apart is their size and price. The trimmer is more compact, small ones. Its good to take a trip, travel or just to carry in the bag. Indispensable thing in the campaign.

Clipper is much larger than about two times. But there are small species that are better have to refer to the trimmers. The device that is more functional and powerful, usually has a large number of nozzles for cutting hair of any length. Because of their size and power makes a lot more noise.

If you compare the battery consumption of a machine and trimmer, the latter consumes very little power, and therefore lasts longer. In any case, care is necessary for both devices. Clean nozzle with water after each use and lubricate the blades with oil, etc.

The use of the trimmer

The trimmer can't cut off too long and stiff hair. Modern hairdressers often first do the main work machine, and then produce a model with a small apparatus.

Small size trimmer allows you to remove hair in the most inaccessible places, e.g. in the nose, ears, private areas, armpits. All the fancy hair and the drawings are done exclusively to them. This device combines the functions of shaver and cars.

Trimmers come in different types and for use in different conditions. Wired and wireless, with USB charger, various attachments. There are models that can be fully washed in water. In some integrated lighting – this allows you to cut hair if you have poor or absent lighting. In most trimmers among other things, a function of the epilator.

Advice 2: What oil to trimmers, you need to use

To trimmer has served faithfully for a long time, you must take a serious approach to its service. One of the important aspects of maintenance of the trimmer is the choice for engine oil.
Operation of trimmer
The trimmers have become indispensable in many home gardens. They are able to perform the functions of the whole complex of hand garden tools used for trimming grass, trimming bushes or trees, and even snow. Modern mechanisms are distinguished by reliability and a long service life, which also depends on applying the proper type of oil. The owners of petrol saws and such units will not have any problems with the service trimmer: oil for most two-stroke engines use the same.

For two-stroke engines

Most trimmers have two-stroke engine, which although is the simplest device, but still requires careful attention when servicing. For fueling of two-stroke engines use a mixture of gasoline and oil in certain proportions. It is this ratio plays a crucial role - it is necessary to clarify when buying a trimmer. As for oil, suitable for almost any lubricant marked 2T. Of course, manufacturers of expensive tool require the use of lubricants according to the established specifications, but for most trimmers suitable oil such as Mobil 2T+, Liqui Moly Motorrad 2T or Castrol Power1 Racing. The average portion of oil supplements - about 20 g per 1 liter, but over time, the amount of lubricant can be determined empirically by the presence of fouling and the degree of contamination of the carburettor.

For trimmers with four-stroke engine

Four-stroke engines have a separate container for pouring oil. Such powertrains are more sensitive to quality of oil than two-stroke, although special problems with the maintenance of the trimmers with four-stroke engine should not occur. For low-cost trimmers are well suited to the range of oils Mannol Quad or ZIC 4T. The trimmers that are in operation more than three years, it is recommended to fill the oil with cleaning and regenerating additives. In this case, use XADO Atomic oil 4T containing a complex of additives and characterized by high viscosity is 10W60. In most cases, trimming to fit semi-synthetic oil of medium viscosity 10W40 from the middle price range.

Do you need oil change?

If the trimmer does not feel when working extreme loads, the life of the oil about comparable with the service life of the engine. Often only required monitoring of the level and timely topping up oil. However, the condition of lubricant in the engine from time to time monitored for darkening, the presence of suspended solids and other signs of aging. In these cases it is recommended to replace the oil completely.
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