You will need
  • - screwdrivers;
  • keys;
  • cartridge.
Gently pry with a screwdriver the edge of a two-tone plastic plugs and pull it out. This cap indicates the direction of movement of the lever to open the cold and hot water, and also closes the hole in which is located the locking screw.
Unscrew the lock screw, then remove the handle of the mixer installed in the control lever of the cartridge. Most single lever mixers Vidima lock screw has a hexagonal slot-hole, so to remove it, you will need the appropriate key.
Remove the faucet handle, then remove the decorative nut, and behind her, and the cap nut, with which the cartridge is attached to the saddle of the mixer. Remove the decorative nut and you can just hand. To Unscrew the flare nut, you will need a special key.
Remove the old cartridge and put in a new one. Please note that a new cartridge needs to be mounted so that its holes coincide with the holes on the saddle of the mixer. On the bottom of the cartridge there are small protrusions for preventing displacement of the element (important – the projections should coincide with the recesses in the base of the mixer).
After installing the cartridge, install the cap nut, firmly pinning her to the saddle of the mixer. After this tighten the decorative nut.
Attach the handle of the mixer on the control lever of the cartridge, then lock the locking screw using the hex key. Then reinstall the plastic plug. The crane is repaired, but to ensure that the malfunction is eliminated, be sure to check the operation of the mixer.