Vivat the king! Vivat!

Michael Jackson – the man, the legend. Singer, dancer, songwriter, one who is rightly called the king of pop. His contribution to the development of mass culture is huge. He won more than 10 Grammy awards, has twice been listed in the Guinness book of records.

Jackson invented his own dance genre. His dance manner can be treated in different ways, but it is impossible not to note how musically, rhythmically and graphically accurate every PA. Not everyone knows that the famous "moon walk" is not an invention of Jackson. But he brought it to such perfection that the audience simply didn't understand how you could be. She became his "calling card".

Of course, Jackson was a very talented man. Worked with him for choreographers noted how quickly – too quickly, according to them, he was captured and assimilated. But we should also note another fact: in the 1985 calendar Official Michael Jackson" weekends and holidays from the king of pop was simply absent.

Disease or whim

People's lives public is often the subject of discussion of the broad masses of the public. Jackson was no exception. Moreover, there was enough. There's only so much the fact that the appearance of the "king" over the years, has undergone substantial changes. Brown skin tone of the singer over time, it became lighter and lighter until it reached white level of the average European.

There are talks that Michael deliberately lightens the skin. However, in 1979 in a television interview he stated that he never specifically did not do - "It's something I can't control it." The singer admitted that she suffers from a rare genetic disease vitiligo. Vitiligo destroys pigment in the skin. At the time it was known very little, even today, to treat him like shit. First white spots appeared on the hands of Jackson. For some time he concealed them, evening out the skin tone with potent cosmetics. But over time they became more and color cosmetics has changed from brown to white.

Today we know quite a lot of photos of the singer confirming this fact. Indirect confirmation of this is also that since then, Jackson has appeared on outside in the dark sunglasses, wide-brimmed hat, closed in dark clothing, a silk mask or under an umbrella – as you know, vitiligo patients the sun is contraindicated. The singer explained that it was allergic to sunlight. After Jackson's death, an autopsy confirmed the fact of disease.

Much earlier, in 1993, the dermatologist Arnold Klien, a patient who was Jackson, the affidavit stated that the diagnosis of "vitiligo" was delivered in 1986. Later the doctor gave Jackson depigmenting cream. He said he just doesn't understand how people still have not guessed, what with the skin of the singer is something wrong. Prescribed remedy contained monobenzone hydroquinone. This is a very powerful tool. Preparations made on its basis, have a permanent effect and are sold only by prescription.

Karen faye, more than 20 years worked at Jackson's makeup artist, told me that the change began long ago, and in the 90-ies of vitiligo bedspread half of his body. Michael didn't want to appear in public with spotty skin and so passed the depigmentation.

The same was told brother, sister and Katherine Johnson, the mother of Michael. In one interview she said that vitiligo is a hereditary disease Jackson paternal. Michael solved the problem as he saw fit.