Advice 1: How Michael Jackson changed the color of the skin

The first place among the Western stars by the number of plastic surgeries, of course, is pop idol Michael Jackson. With this person, show business generally involves a lot of different rumors. For example, numerous operations on his nose, or unnaturally bright color for African American.
How Michael Jackson changed the color of the skin

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Saying that Michael never had his natural skin color, that's why he decided on a series of complex plastic surgery that literally made him white. However, it is rather a myth for the uninitiated. Most experts and relatives pop idol say that Jackson suffered from vitiligo and lupus autoimmune disease symptoms which are the appearance of white spots on the skin and increased sensitivity to sunlight.

People close to Jackson, had always testified that he had whitish spots on different parts of the body that appeared and then disappeared. They determined the cause of their occurrence by the term "spontaneous depigmentation".


Michael Jackson himself explained the reason for his unnatural color in 1993, when he told about a skin disease afflicting the person. He said that the vitiligo disease he started back in the 70s that time, a similar disease was almost known, the method of treatment was in development, and it masked her expression with the help of cosmetics. In his interview, he repeatedly tried to emphasize that it is not trying to become white, which is just a form of struggle with the disease a public person. Over time the disease progressed, white spots on skin increased, occupying a large part of it.

The story of Jackson's Dr. Arnold Client, according to which Michael Jackson do in 1986 was diagnosed with vitiligo and lupus. The cause of this disease, it is believed, lies in heredity, because according to information provided by family pop idol, vitiligo sick relatives on the paternal side of Jackson. Recently in a press there were photos of the eldest son of Jackson, which show that he inherited his father's vitiligo.

Michael Jackson and his family have repeatedly said that the singer was proud to belong to African-American culture, and the change of skin color is only the result of the struggle with the disease. Michael Jackson made an enormous contribution to the study of disease of vitiligo and its treatment methods, as well as provided substantial support to Fund research for lupus.

Advice 2: How to change the color of the skin

People have always tried something to change. Including the color of the skin. The overwhelming success has reached Michael Jackson, though at the cost of great effort. And all because to change the color of the skin from dark to light is very difficult. We were lucky to you more – we often set ourselves the opposite problem. And the option here is not alone.
Skin color change tan
The most familiar, but not the safest way to change colorbut skin is a natural tan that you can get, having gone to a couple of weeks in a hot country. But remember that the skin needs to "withdraw" in the sun gradually, starting with a few minutes a day in the period of least solar activity, that is, morning and evening. Do not forget about sunscreens. Many ignore them, the skin soon acquired the desired brown shade, oblivious to the fact that these products protect the skin from harmful radiation, letting "good" rays.
Oddly enough, a beautiful deep tan you can get very early in the spring, when the sun is fuck in full, and the snow had not yet descended. Reflected from the snow, the sun's rays become stronger. Should be careful in the spring, there is also the danger of charring, despite the fact that around is still cool. Some during this period, sunbathing, skiing in a bathing suit, but it takes some courage.
However, these methods are relevant in a particular season. What if you want to change the color of the skin at that time of year when the sun was not going to peek out from behind the clouds? Help Solarium. There are two types of sunbed – vertical and horizontal. They have their own characteristics in the horizontal tan can be uneven in places where the body is pressed against the device (tailbone, shoulder blades). A vertical leg can sunbathe worse than the rest of the body. To achieve an even tan experts advise to alternate the tan vertical and horizontal sunbeds.Being in the tanning bed, you should observe the same safety precautions that the sun is to start small and not be under the lamps for too long. By the way, the lamp in the Solarium have a well-defined lifespan, after that they become harmful to the skin. So always check with the administrator of the salon, how long have changed the lamp, and walk only in checked beauty salons.
To change the color of the skin you can use creams for tanning. This method is more gentle to the skin, as it does not receive harmful radiation. Now on the market there are many tools from different manufacturers, choose the one you like. Suggest only to use the creams that the majority of the dye the skin unevenly, leaving spots, and sprays – they go more smoothly.
If you want to change the color of the skin is original and beneficial to health, eat carrots. After some time, the skin will change hue. Whether you go depends on the individual characteristics of your skin – someone it is indistinguishable from the color ofa suntan, someone is frankly an orange. Yes, you remember, - in order that the color of the skin changed, the carrots need to eat very much!
Sometimes, perezagua or overdo it with the bronzer, you want to change the color of the skin for a brighter. Then you can help lemon (more effective) or cucumber (more gentle). They RUB the skin until the desired hue.

Advice 3: What operations did Michael Jackson

A recognized king of pop music Michael Jackson is famous not only for achievements in show business, but love to change appearance. Still, there are disputes about how many plastic surgeries singer.
What operations did Michael Jackson

Why Michael Jackson did the surgery

According to psychologists, the famous singer is not just fond of changing the appearance. He probably suffered from a particular mental disorder - BDD. In this disease, people are very worried about the slightest physical flaws. Dissatisfaction with their appearance may take the form of depression, masochism and even suicide attempts.

In recognition of Jackson, his father often abused him and his brothers. He called them, were beaten, and mocked the flaws in the appearance. Children's facilities and could cause the singer craving to external changes. By the way, according to some, contrary to popular rumors, Jackson had surgery for skin whitening. He just suffered from the disease vitiligo, which is expressed in the appearance on the skin white spots.

Also, he had lupus, the symptoms of which are rashes on the face. To get rid of the disease, Jackson was taking a lot of medications that cause lightening of the skin. In addition, he constantly used light makeup to mask blemishes.

Plastic surgery of Jackson

First surgery the singer suffered in 1979. It was not associated with a desire to change appearance - just Jackson unsuccessfully performed a dance trick and broke my nose. The operation was not very successful, and soon Michael went back to the surgeon. During the second surgery, he decided to change the shape of the nose, making it more refined. Then followed the operation, which added singer spicy dimple on his chin. Allegedly, Jackson also changed the shape of the eyelids.

He also was fond of non-surgical changes of appearance - different injections, tattooing of lips and eyebrows, laser therapy, skin resurfacing, etc. information about the operations was carefully concealed, but changes the appearance of Jackson could not remain unnoticed. However, sufficient evidence about the other surgical interventions not. A much greater role in changing the appearance of the king of pop has played its way of life, the fascination with drugs and visible exhaustion.

Further customization

In the last years of his life Jackson has changed markedly. He is very much rehearsed and almost did not eat. He weighed about 50 kg with height 175 see the singer's Health deteriorated after he was accused of child molestation. Jackson has experienced a very strong stress, which fought with the help of analgesics, antidepressants and tranquilizers.

All this gave serious side effects - fatigue, hair loss, and muscle atrophy. Jackson often appeared in public in a wheelchair, wearing dark glasses and a wig. But these changes in appearance were associated not with operations, but a way of life.

Advice 4: Why did Michael Jackson die

Great singer Michael Jackson remains in the memory and hearts of millions of people. He is remembered by many not just as a talented artist but also a philanthropist, who has spent his life helping children with disabilities.
Why did Michael Jackson die
The king of pop Michael Jackson died at the age of 50 years. His doctor Conrad Murray was unable to save the singer, despite the fact that I was next to him. After the death of the artist, a host of hypotheses about the cause of his death. However, to date there is only one official version.

The true cause of singer Michael Jackson

On the morning of 25 June 2000, Michael Jackson lost consciousness. His pulse was barely palpable, and the breathing was not observed. It was discovered by the personal doctor Conrad Murray, who immediately realized that the singer suffered a heart attack. After an unsuccessful first aid it, 30 minutes later, an ambulance was called. When she arrived, the heart of Michael Jackson has already stopped, so to the hospital he was brought dead.

To establish direct cause of death, doctors failed. It was, therefore, made an autopsy, during which he made several examinations. Based on their results, it became clear that Michael Jackson died of an overdose of potent drugs. They called the singer a heart attack.

In his blood was discovered the following sedatives: ativan (lorazepam), versed (midazolam) and valium (diazepam). They were found in large numbers. In addition, blood is present the traces of propofol, which is a very strong drug that is only used in hospitals for anesthesia after thorough examination of the patient.

The dosage of this drug was very significant. Doctors claim that propofol coupled with other sedatives led to the death of Michael Jackson. All of these drugs have been introduced personal physician alternately and caused irreversible consequences. First they singer fell into a coma and then his heart stopped.

Who is to blame for the death of Michael Jackson?

Conrad Murray has always maintained that the use of propofol and other sedatives insisted himself the king of pop. However, the evidence that would confirm his words, still not detected. Besides, do not forget that the doctor is not entitled to enter the patient drugs that can harm his health and cause death.

The court therefore held that the personal physician Conrad Murray guilty in death of Michael Jackson. For this he was sentenced to 4 years in prison. In addition, its permanently barred from practice and ordered to pay the Jackson family $ 100 million.

Advice 5: How Michael Jackson changed the color of the skin

Michael Jackson – a name which became an icon for millions of fans. Can you not be a fan of his, to say that the voice was created stage equipment, take it apart, dancing and remind dissenters that he is the representative of mass culture, but this is not the elite product - not everyone is ready to take the charm of primitivism pop culture. And he is the representative of the Negroid race. But it is impossible not to recognize how bright, talented, extraordinary and not at all primitive, he was creating this very pop culture.

How Michael Jackson changed the color of the skin

Vivat the king! Vivat!

Michael Jackson – the man, the legend. Singer, dancer, songwriter, one who is rightly called the king of pop. His contribution to the development of mass culture is huge. He won more than 10 Grammy awards, has twice been listed in the Guinness book of records.

Jackson invented his own dance genre. His dance manner can be treated in different ways, but it is impossible not to note how musically, rhythmically and graphically accurate every PA. Not everyone knows that the famous "moon walk" is not an invention of Jackson. But he brought it to such perfection that the audience simply didn't understand how you could be. She became his "calling card".

Of course, Jackson was a very talented man. Worked with him for choreographers noted how quickly – too quickly, according to them, he was captured and assimilated. But we should also note another fact: in the 1985 calendar Official Michael Jackson" weekends and holidays from the king of pop was simply absent.

Disease or whim

People's lives public is often the subject of discussion of the broad masses of the public. Jackson was no exception. Moreover, there was enough. There's only so much the fact that the appearance of the "king" over the years, has undergone substantial changes. Brown skin tone of the singer over time, it became lighter and lighter until it reached white level of the average European.

There are talks that Michael deliberately lightens the skin. However, in 1979 in a television interview he stated that he never specifically did not do - "It's something I can't control it." The singer admitted that she suffers from a rare genetic disease vitiligo. Vitiligo destroys pigment in the skin. At the time it was known very little, even today, to treat him like shit. First white spots appeared on the hands of Jackson. For some time he concealed them, evening out the skin tone with potent cosmetics. But over time they became more and color cosmetics has changed from brown to white.

Today we know quite a lot of photos of the singer confirming this fact. Indirect confirmation of this is also that since then, Jackson has appeared on outside in the dark sunglasses, wide-brimmed hat, closed in dark clothing, a silk mask or under an umbrella – as you know, vitiligo patients the sun is contraindicated. The singer explained that it was allergic to sunlight. After Jackson's death, an autopsy confirmed the fact of disease.

Much earlier, in 1993, the dermatologist Arnold Klien, a patient who was Jackson, the affidavit stated that the diagnosis of "vitiligo" was delivered in 1986. Later the doctor gave Jackson depigmenting cream. He said he just doesn't understand how people still have not guessed, what with the skin of the singer is something wrong. Prescribed remedy contained monobenzone hydroquinone. This is a very powerful tool. Preparations made on its basis, have a permanent effect and are sold only by prescription.

Karen faye, more than 20 years worked at Jackson's makeup artist, told me that the change began long ago, and in the 90-ies of vitiligo bedspread half of his body. Michael didn't want to appear in public with spotty skin and so passed the depigmentation.

The same was told brother, sister and Katherine Johnson, the mother of Michael. In one interview she said that vitiligo is a hereditary disease Jackson paternal. Michael solved the problem as he saw fit.
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