Research scientists

National center for nutrition United States conducted a study: how does the consumption of potatoes to weight gain. The results were very interesting. It turns out that the potato can become the main dish diet for weight loss. The main condition – not to use at this time, animal protein (meat, fish), fats and fatty sauces, and other high-calorie foods. Another requirement is proper cooking of potatoes can be boiled, fried or baked, but in any case not fry. Additional foods should be vegetables, spices and organic sauces (e.g., soy or homemade mayonnaise consisting of nonfat yogurt, lemon juice and olive oil), fruit.

People who participated in the experiment of the National center of nutrition, all overweight. During the whole time of the study, "experimental" sat on "the potato diet", which, of course, refers to mono-diets. The lack of vitamins and minerals, which in the potatoes small, they compensated by eating low-fat dairy products, vegetables, greens and fruits. A week diet, the subjects lost 3 to 5 pounds.

The results of the experiment showed that potatoes can be part of diets for weight loss. Potassium contained in this fruit, perfectly displays the body of excess water and promotes weight loss. Of course, to get rid of the extra pounds on a potato diet, you have to give up fries, chips, and fried potatoes. And be sure to follow the correct drinking regime – 2 litres of water a day.

The diet of "potato diet" for one day

Morning: 1-2 boiled potato, 200 g fat-free yogurt.
Day: 200 g grated boiled potatoes with a teaspoon of olive oil, cucumber salad or fresh cabbage with low-fat yogurt.
Evening: 200 g potato salad: finely chopped boiled egg and boiled potatoes, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.
With a strong hunger, you can eat Apple, pear, orange.

Rules for processing potatoes during a diet

So potato diet is not only effective, but also useful, it is necessary to correctly handle the tubers, so as not to lose valuable vitamins and minerals. Most of them are located under the skin. Therefore, to clean potatoes is to use a special peeler that allows you to remove a very thin layer of skin.

Not less important is heat treatment. Peeled potatoes should throw in boiling and not cold water. So it will retain maximum nutrients. And the most useful method of preparation of the vegetable "in uniform". In this case, the potatoes baked in the oven, wrapped in foil. However, here is my little "but". This dish contains more calories than boiled potatoes that may affect the effectiveness of the diet.