The potato contains a great variety of different group vitamins and ascorbic acid. We can say that in this wonderful vegetable contains 1 of the entire chemical table of elements. The benefits of potatoes and a huge help in the healing of burns, helps to increase the level of hemoglobin, stabilizes the functioning of the digestive tract, builds the potassium exchange process, stabilizes blood pressure and helps with stress situations and nervous disorders.

Potato is not considered a diet product because of the high calorie and starch content. Therefore, people suffering from excess weight, the potatoes from the diet is in or out, or to eat in the morning.

Cosmetologists also could not pass up useful properties of potatoes. For dry skin type is a mask with mashed potatoes with the addition of egg yolks. The effect is noticeable already after 3 treatments.

And salvation from flaky heels will be the bath-based decoction of potato peel. And the raw tubers will help to cope with burns after long exposure to the sun.

Few know that all the valuable substances accumulate in the skin of potatoes. Peel can help treat hypertension, heart problems or allergies. Potatoes also helps with inflammation.

Few people know, but under the skin there are certain enzymes that help with the digestion of starch. Therefore, the skin of potato is better not to remove. Potatoes with peel, for example, on fire or in uniform - the perfect dish for the digestive system.

Baked potatoes are considered most useful. You can lubricate half of potatoes with iodine and see blue color inside, but the peel will remain the same color. Change the color of the potato is nothing like the reaction of iodine with starch. Therefore, this experience proves the undeniable benefits of the rind.

After the month of February, many doctors advise to give up potatoes for substance, which is produced at this time of the year in young tubers and can cause serious poisoning. But if there are fans of this vegetable, the damage produced by substances can easily be reduced to a minimum, cutting off the peel in thick layers.

Sprouted potatoes drenched in alcohol and infused for a couple of weeks, there's a perfect remedy for joint problems. The infusion is supposed to RUB into the problem areas.