Be open. If you're walking around town with his head down, sitting in a cafe, without looking up from the laptop, and roughly answer the questions of strangers, this will cause you for a long time to be alone. Open towards new friends, often get out of the house, being in communication with strangers.
Get rid of stereotypes. It is not necessary to search for new friends, focusing on people from the past. So you are trying to protect themselves from having to let into your life something extraordinary. Even if people are similar in appearance or are similar in nature, you still will not be able to replace them with each other. Therefore do not proceed from ideas about former friends, trying to find a new one.
Do not try to guess the thoughts of the interlocutor. It is not necessary to think out something for him. For example, in the middle of a conversation to decide that he doesn't like you and he never will be friends with you. Give yourself to the fellowship and do not torment yourself with thoughts of failure. In the end, nice conversation, without any further relations will be another step towards improving communication skills.
Do not tune to failure. Believe in yourself, its attractiveness and the interest that you represent to others. The only way you will be able to attract new friends.
Discover new friends. Don't be afraid to talk about themselves, share feelings and emotions. If you do not tell, new friends will never know that you are an avid fan of yoga and skillfully prepared French dishes.