You will need
  • program Total Uninstall.
Uninstall the app "Compass 3D" using standard operating system utilities. To do this, open control panel, add remove programs and in the opened list, select junk. Click on the right "Remove" and follow the uninstallation instructions. If they offered options, select uninstall with complete removal of user data and program folder.
Delete the directory Program Files all the contents related to the remote "Compass 3D". Go to the start menu the startup list and see if there is in it the installer. If there is, delete it using the context menu. Open search on your computer, locate the files and folders with the names HASP, ASCON, KOMPAS. Remove them.
Run a registry editor tool to do this, open "Run" from the start menu and enter Regedit in the line. On the screen there should appear a large window on the left side which will be the folder tree. Find the entries that have in their names the HASP, ASCON, KOMPAS. To search the registry, use the key combination Ctrl+F. then Restart the computer.
If you do not have the skills to work with the registry editor of Windows, download a special program to completely remove programs from your computer with a complete clean registry entries. Such programs are many, one of the most effective Total Uninstall.
Also, download some kind of program to optimize your computer that will periodically clean your registry of the operating system, delete junk files left after the uninstallation, and so on. Typically, these files are not visible, but if there is a large accumulation of these can overload the system and consume a large amount of hard disk space. Excess entries in the registry is often not the best way affect the system performance.