If the program is not removed through the control panel, that is simply not in the list of installed applications, try to find a place of its installation. To do this, run a search through the menu "start" on the program's name. If in the main menu or on the desktop there is a shortcut to the program, click the right mouse button and select "Properties". Click "file Location" to navigate to the desired folder. You can also learn the location of the program by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and selecting the desired application in the list of current system processes.
When it detects the applications folder, locate a file deletion service, which is commonly called Uninstall, and start to begin the uninstallation. If a file with the appropriate name exists, you can delete the entire folder with the application immediately. Usually this is enough to stop its activity. However, some virus programs leave behind traces in the system, causing it harm.
Go to the system registry, which contains data about all the installed programs. Press the key combination Win + K and type the word Regedit. Navigate to HKEYCURRENTUSER, then Software, and locate the name of your desired application, then remove the tab from the registry. Do the same on the tab HKEYLOCALMACHINE.
You can remove the program if it is not removed through the control panel, using the application Revo Uninstaller which you can download online. Run it and scan the system for installed programs. Revo Uninstaller even detects hidden service. You can also activate in the "hunting Mode", and then in the system tray will have a green icon. Click on it and hover over the icon or folder of interest to the application, and the program will automatically remove it from the system.
If the program is not deleted from the control panel and disrupts the performance of the system, try to use "system Restore", which is in the utilities list in the start menu. Select the desired recovery point, for example, the day before I had accidentally installed a malicious app. Once the recovery is complete, the system will revert to a previous working state, and the malware will be absent.