To give active setup man on a good, interesting and well paid job, it is necessary from the first days of family life to encourage her husband and help him through the difficult moments. You should never grumble, grumble and accuse her husband of insolvency carelessness. In any case it is impossible to cite the example of the husbands of her friends, supposedly more successful and lucky.
If your husband can't work, for example, is a free search after graduation to help him find a job. The work is worthy, promising a degree. Even if wages in the job initially offered low, but you believe that the prospect of further career growth in this job is, you need to persuade your husband to agree to the terms and conditions.
Need to ask my husband about his work, helping when necessary by the Council. You also need to constantly remind openly or covertly (depending on the circumstances) about the merits of the man, his values on the job.
If a man is reticent and taciturn by nature, you need to very carefully and persistently as to ask him about how the day went. But don't bother with unnecessary conversations, and the husband digs in.
Always have to enjoy the money earned by the husband. Even if it is small money. About the first salary, it is advisable to arrange small family party.
While her husband was fully back on his feet, not earn a reputation and a promotion, no need to claim for himself the gifts and insist on buying too expensive things. Need to wait a bit. With the correct formulation of the question and the correct behavior of husband and wife career growth and rising wages will not keep you waiting. And then gifts, and purchases are.
Only mild persistence, advice, help and great love, you can achieve your goals. And soon my husband will be working with fun, enthusiastic, quick to move up the career ladder and earn decent money.