The creation of a business — this is a very convenient way to invest. The project will develop, will bring profit, and thus capital will increase. If you build everything correctly, the company will operate for many years and repeatedly increases the initial investment. To open a business independently, but this requires a good idea worth a business plan and the ability to organize and lead. If no such resources, we can invest in someone else's business. On certain conditions you pour in the capital, and after a certain period of time will receive the dividends. Investment in the business can be successful and very profitable. But according to statistics, about 90% of all companies do not survive even 1 year. So there is a huge risk that you will not only get profit, but also will lose what you had. This option is interesting but adventurous.
Today there is a huge market securities. You can buy shares of various companies. On change of their price, many make millions. Special exchanges allow you to do the buying and selling of stocks, gold, oil, currencies. You can register and start working in the system. But this requires knowledge about how the stock market game, which determines the value of the specific assets, and you need to be able to predict what will happen next. If there is no knowledge, give capital in the hands of management companies or people. They will do the same — to play the stock market, but to do it professionally. The same services offered by banks, you will receive a percentage much larger than in the classical contributions. What a great profit you calculate, the more there are risks. Without much difficulty you can get 14% per annum, but there is a case, when during the same period, profit was up 200%.
Today, a good investment is buying commercial real estate. She is very popular on the market today. By purchasing this object, you will later renting it out. It brings a monthly income, and profits can be quite significant. It is important to buy a property in a good area. You can also invest in the construction of buildings, which then will be used as retail or office space.