Make your nails beautiful and well cared for independently at home.

The nails should be given special attention, and for a healthy and beautiful one care is not enough — you need to make regular strengthen and baths and eat well. Proper nutrition is very important, as it ensures the health and flourishing appearance in General.

Nail the must-eat dishes with a content of gelatin: jelly, marmalade, soups, and jellied.

To your nails were strong, eat whole grains, fish and seafood, dairy and soy products.

The strength and flexibility of the nail plate and color, influenced by frequent contact with detergents and water.

To your nails were not lolis, not shorten them with nail scissors, and nail file.

The appearance of the nails tells about your health. If they are spots of milky white in color, they can indicate liver disease or injury nails. Such spots on the nails are laid immature cells and the voids between them. If your nails are constantly peeling and chipping, it may indicate the lack of vitamins, impaired metabolism, or the wrong care.

How can you strengthen your nails?

A great way to strengthen nails is considered to be lemon juice, which should be rubbed in the area of the nail hole. For more effect, you can use a special tool for cuticles and nails that contains lemon oil and vitamin E. This tool should be rubbed several times a day, before you apply the cream for hands. The result will not keep itself waiting long.

Tips for everyday nail care.

• At least once a day, wipe your nails with a brush to remove dirt and proepilirovat nails.

• Massage into your nails greasy cream to soften the skin around the nail, improve circulation and smooth the nail surface. It is better to do before bedtime.

• Wash your hands correctly. If your nails are sensitive and fragile, do not use ordinary soap, and the oil from orange peels.

• For weak nails periodically remedial courses, during which they will refrain from manicures.