Beautiful nails does not so much length, how much grooming. Dirty, cracked, broken nails will not save any miracles nail art. This means that your nails need constant attention. Mandatory regular hygienic manicure. Very useful nutrient baths, for example, with the addition of sea salt and moisturizing oil. It is worth to use and special means of strengthening a nail plate. This includes oil for nail care and nail Polish type of "Smart enamel", which strengthen the nail and protect it from negative influences.
Need to learn how your short nails forming. It is better to go to a professional manicurist and see how she does. First of all, there is the same pattern as for long nails – they should be the same length. Different length of nails can negate even the effect of a good manicure. If the nails you should not clip them really short, it can ruin the appearance of your hands.
And, of course, the aspect of decorative manicure.
Now fashion is minimalism, and it concerns not only clothes, but also a manicure. Therefore, it is possible to limit the application to the nails only one color of lacquer, but if you like the patterns – please this too can give your hands extra charm. Often believe that short nails can cover only discreet bright varnishes. This is a big mistake. Bright or dark nail color on short nails too, can look just fine and, by the way, visually the nail will extend. Do not get involved in pearlescent shades. Much better on short nails looks matte finish it looks much more natural.
If you want to put on nails picture, it is also necessary to do it right. You should not draw on short nails a horizontal line. To position the picture vertically. It will visually lengthen and narrow nails. If the nails are very wide, the vertical pattern or "track" with rhinestones should be placed in the middle. Another feature of short nails – they cannot be overloaded with patterns and rhinestones. Large pictures on this nail look good will not, however, dangerous and the other extreme – the application of too small patterns. It is better to adhere to "Golden mean". Another caveat – pattern should not cover the entire area of the nail. In choosing colors, stick to two or three shades.