There are 4 types of sippy cups:

1. The Cup with straw –sippy cups with lid and straw, through which the baby sucks the drink. For children from 9 months.

2. Cup pot- thanks to a special valve, this drinking bowl can shake, throw on the floor, chew the edges and roll it on the table, the liquid will not spill. For children older than 6 months.

3. Thermophilic sippy – they are excellent for trips or walks, as they allow you to keep the temperature of the liquid for a long time.

4. Training feeding Cup– can be used as a feeding bottle or to change the top nozzle and use as a classical drinking bowl. For babies up to 6 months.

For all who are "younger" than 6 months will fit the bottle. But we'll talk about that separately.

What to look for when choosing a stroller:

1. Material

A large part of the sippy cups are plastic. Ubedites to the composition of the Cup is not include substances such as bisphenol-a, phthalates, and polyvinylchlorid, melamine. It is better to choose transparent plastic so it will be easier to monitor the level of liquid.

2. Spout feeder Cup

Manufacturers offer different models of sippy cups and spouts can also be made of different materials, however, the most successful is a silicone spout: it reminds the Munchkin bottle and drink from it the toddler will be more familiar and more comfortable. Besides, silicone spout cannot be hurt, unlike the uncomfortable plastic (we tried different options)

3. The volume

Children's hands are not so strong as it seems sometimes moms and dads, therefore, choose the small volume of the Cup, corresponding to the age of the child (see the information on the product) If the child stroller is "great", then hold it will be more difficult; the baby will be more likely to throw the Cup on the floor, and the desire to use them will begin to disappear from toddler.

4. Handle

Much more convenient to use the sippy cups with handles, because the grasp reflex in babies has not yet faded. Grabbing the handle, the baby quickly learns to use a Cup independently.

5. Safety valve

To take the Cup with a necessary safety valve. Besides, the baby is not so quickly gets used to new things. During the training period the use of the toy, safety valve will help your baby to stay dry.

6. The edge of the Cup

The task of the children to prepare the child to learn to drink from a Cup. So the Cup should be comfortable to use as a mug – the edges should be smooth, not to hurt the child, have the convenient form to the liquid was spilled (when the Cup is removed the lid with spout and handle first it's easier to write on the mug or sippy cups).

I wish You and your children to relax this summer and enjoy the warm weather!

And lastly - a couple of photos floating kids, proving that water and the child are inseparable from birth, because every child immediately after birth can reflex to hold under water breathing and swim. Here's an interesting fact =) But learning to swim only under the supervision of experienced instructorof and a children's pool.