Regulatory documentation

Garbage is a source of unpleasant odors, harmful gases (methane, hydrogen sulfide). That is why deposits of debris can affect the health of children and adults. In addition, an improperly organized platform for the garbage cans can attract harmful insects and rodents are vectors of various infectious diseases.

The garbage that is collected in containers, relates to solid waste. There is a special normative document, which reglamentary the containers near houses. It, which establishes living conditions in residential buildings. It clearly explains the basic rules for the installation and operation of garbage tanks, frequency of garbage collection.

Basic requirements for the installation of containers for debris

According to sanitary rules and norms, containers installed close to residential buildings shall be emptied and disposed of every day.

Distance from trash bins to residential buildings, places of public entertainment, sports grounds must be at least 20 meters, but not more than 100.

Size pads for tanks shall accommodate all containers. The maximum number of pots that can be set to five.

The platform on which it is planned to equip the containers shall be constructed of concrete or asphalt. In addition, there must be protection in the form of the curb and around the perimeter to accommodate green spaces. The fence is on three sides to a height of 1 – 1.5 meters.

To ensure the easy evacuation of the contents of the containers it is necessary to arrange convenient access for the garbage truck.
Today in many cities of our country instead of the simple containers are the so-called underground garbage cans. The volume is 5 cubic metres. The depth of the underground part of the tank is 1.7 meters, and the ground - less than 1 meter. Such facilities have a cap with automatic valve. Such containers are more spacious, clean and comfortable.

In virtue of the foregoing it can be said that the installation of trash cans – it is very simple. But despite this, the rules are not respected. Hard to find residential building, where the site for waste collection is kept clean and emptied daily. Everywhere there are violations. Namely, this depends largely on the sanitary condition of the neighborhood and the health of the people.