Contact the utility serving your home. Write a statement on behalf of the residents of the home (s) permit the independent organization of free car Parking. In the statement, specify the plan where you plan to do Parking. To make precise measurements of the site and specify what material will be made covering the ground (asphalt, artificial turf, etc.). This place should be free from buildings and should not be considered a green zone.
The operating organization after receipt of your application must send a request to the city or the Prefecture of the district. From it should send a document stating that the earth is in free possession, i.e. it has no construction plans, and it can be used for free Parking. If the land has encumbrances, you will have to look for new territory.
Will get the operating organization permits for renovations at the site. Collect meeting residents, making the agenda of free-of-charge Parking in the yard. At the meeting, decide how many people are willing to participate in the organization of Parking. Assume that one car must be at least 4 m2 of space, so Seating will be limited.
Find Contracting organization, which is engaged in road construction or landscaping. If you need to put asphalt on the ground, can be limited only by strengthening the soil with sand and gravel and lay asphalt in a single layer. For artificial lawn the ground must be levelled with sand and gravel, reinforced with a metal mesh. Artificial turf, moreover, requires maintenance work related to his seasonal replacement. All the costs of repairs be borne by those who wished to become owner of your personal cars. In addition to the coverings lay in the estimate of the installation of the barrier.