The basic rules for the installation of waste containers

Determining the Parking lot dumpsters, you need to take into account the sanitary norms and rules. If for some reason you are not able to comply with them, the decision on the placement of garbage cans take based on the wishes of the owners of the houses and the surrounding areas.

According to SanPiN, Park dumpsters should be located not closer than 20 m from houses, sports and playgrounds, places of recreation. In complex situations where limited territory, can be installed in 9 metres. And the maximum location from the house should not be more than 100 meters. The size of sites required to match the number of containers, according to the rules - no more than 5. Also platforms for garbage must have easy access for debris removal.

In coordination with the district administration and sanitary-epidemiological station, arrange places for temporary storage of waste in residential areas.

Sanitary-epidemiological requirements to living conditions in residential buildings and areas are sanmina (15 August 2010). According to these requirements, for the installation of waste containers should be equipped with special asphalt or concrete Playground, separated by a border or decorative fence.

Garbage cans should have tight-fitting lids. A prerequisite is the availability of green space around the perimeter of the Parking lot dumpsters.

It is often impossible to move or remove the trash cans. In this case the Parking lot with dumpsters wall to avoid flying debris, or cover it with a decorative fence so it did not attract attention.

Where to go for help?

Very often, between the tenants of houses disputes arise: where to place trash cans or where to move uncomfortable standing container. To resolve such disputes, create a special Commission. As a rule, the composition of the Commission includes the managing Director and the representative of the district administration.

If you know that dumpsters violate sanitary, and utilities are ignoring, you may contact the CPS.