If a man doesn't want you pregnant, and your goal is definitely to have children, it is necessary to go on cunning. Try to convince partner that you are taking birth control pills, and do use placebo. Vividly demonstrate that drink pills. Open the packing from the men on mind, draw water into a glass and drink a placebo that he saw the whole process. Of course, pre-packaging, put other tablets, for example, useful multivitamins. Sometimes casually drop phrases like: "Oh, it's eight o'clock, it's time to drink the pills." Upon the occurrence of an emergency of pregnancy you'll remain outside of suspicion, because in medicine there is no 100% contraceptive, you can pretend like you were lucky and had the chance one in a million.
To get pregnant even if the man doesn't want that, you can in the abrupt cancellation of hormonal birth control pills. When you use these drugs, the ovaries accumulate the follicles with Mature oocytes and the abolition of oral contraceptives, all of them are released in one month. That is, feel free to drink contraceptives, the man will get used to the fact that you guys use, and a few months later, suddenly "forget" about the pills. Immediately take care of your health all collected oocytes and the probability of getting pregnant within a month you have a very high.
To conceive without the consent of the men in that case, if the self enters into the vagina sperm collected after intercourse. How you collect is up to you. Note that the mobility of the sperm outside the body lasts about twenty minutes, so hurry up. To increase the chances of pregnancy with this method, consider the additional favorable factors. Be sure to calculate the day of ovulation in your menstrual cycle, on this day the female body ready for pregnancy. Remember that the sperm easier to travel and fertilize the egg when your body is in a relaxed and peaceful state. After manipulating the introduction of semen would be better to remain in a horizontal position for four hours. It will be useful to soak in a warm bath this procedure will help to relax the body in warm conditions, the faster the fertilization.
If a man doesn't want you pregnant, you can resort to artificial insemination in specialized medical centers. The doctor will prescribe you the day when it is better to make the procedure. In this case, you will need to collect sperm after intercourse, in a special container in which the long life of sperm.