The easiest way to get a baby is to give birth to what is called the "first counter", perhaps from married men. But deciding on such a move, before the woman will stand sea issues moral, ethical and psychological plan. Chief among them: does she have the ethical right to use a man connected by marriage? Do I need to prove his paternity? What kind of education she can give the baby without a father? And many others.
The second method requires some material costs. There are a number of clinics that perform artificial insemination (fertilization). Insemination is different from natural fertilization only by the fact that the sperm donor is inserted into the uterus by artificial means. Then everything happens, as the inherent nature of the sperm through the fallopian tubes to race trying to reach the egg. Further, it is fertilization. This means that the long-awaited pregnancy is not far off. The main condition of artificial insemination is the use of only high-quality donor sperm and a woman has fallopian tubes.
Even more promising way to become a mother in vitro fertilization. While the woman's egg is extracted from the body and artificially fertilized (in vitro). This method of fertilization often comes to the aid of a woman who is not independently able to have a child. Surrogate motherhood involves the technology of human reproduction, in which a strange woman voluntarily agrees to become pregnant, carry, birth, and immediately pass the child to other people.