Advice 1: How to make an infrared light

Infrared lighting allows to arrange a lighting object, which is invisible to the naked eye, but well see when using night vision devices, cameras (including security), digital cameras, camera phones and other similar devices.
How to make an infrared light
Take a Chinese lantern on the basis of approximately fifteen white LEDs. Pull out the batteries. Then disassemble the instrument, being careful not to tear any wires (in this technique they are very thin).
Locate the resistor in series with a circuit Board, on which the LEDs. Wipaire it and measure its resistance. Then replace it with another one, which has twice as resistance and capacity.
Determine where the white led cathode, where the anode. This tentatively sketched the internal structure of any diode and its location relative to the Board, wipaire it. Using the battery from the motherboard will determine where he anode and where cathode. Now paint it the Pinout. Do not short-circuit the battery.
Buy infrared LEDs in the same buildings and the same amount. They define the Pinout in the same way, this time using a half charged battery, and a glow check using mobile phone camera.
Now, observing polarity, replace in the lamp all white LEDs in the infrared. Vypichu white LEDs produce carefully to avoid damage to them. In the future use them in other constructions.
Install the batteries in the flashlight. Turn it on, light the invisible rays of space, and verify using the same phone that it was really lit. Remember that although infrared radiation and ultraviolet is much safer to send a lantern in the eye is impossible.
Why to use such a device? If you provide it a stable power supply connected instead of batteries, it will be useful for night lighting, where installed security camera. It will be able in the dark to "see" is not worse than in the light. Also, try to photograph a particular object only by the light of a lamp. It will look different than conventional lighting. Finally, when playing paintball in the dark a lantern, in combination with the camera phone will serve as a makeshift night vision device.

Advice 2 : How to make an infrared camera

The infrared camera allows you to shoot in the twilight or complete darkness without disturbing the occupants of people. The image is bright and clear, but black and white.
How to make an infrared camera
You will need
  • camcorder, webcam, digital camera or camera phone;
  • - led flashlight;
  • - batteries;
  • - infrared light;
  • soldering, neutral flux and the solder;
  • - cutting pliers and miniature pliers.
As a proper camera you can use almost any digital camera, videocamera, webcamera, mobile phone. All of these devices are able to perceive not only the visible but also infrared light, so any alterations are required. In the picture or video objects lit by this light will look white. Unsuitable for infrared photography only expensive cameras, equipped with filters, check invisible rays.
To test the camera sensitivity to infrared rays, use the remote control. Flash its led, absolutely invisible to the eye, the camera should be seen as a bright white with a slightly bluish tint. If they are reddish, such a device is also suitable for shooting, but the sensitivity will be worse. Finally, if outbreaks are not perceived at all, look for another, cheaper machine.
But one of sensitivity to infrared rays for shooting in the dark is not enough. You also need the source of such rays. If you are in the hands of an old analog camcorder Sony Handycam Hi8 format, such a source it already has. It is next to the halogen lamp used for visible illumination. Accordingly, the button to turn it on located near the power button is visible spotlight. Press it once and the backlight will turn on again and it will turn off. Some cameras can be enabled and disabled is not a separate button, and through the menu.
If the built-in IR-illuminator in the camera is not, it will have to make. Take as a basis the Chinese led lantern - one in which instead of a single powerful diode installed many low-power, diameter e in millimeters. Pull out flashlight batteries and disassemble it. Wipaire all white diodes, and then instead install the polarity infrared of the same diameter. Assemble the flashlight and install the batteries in place observing polarity.
To check the resulting infrared spotlights do not point it directly at the camera - it can be damaged. Light them any object, and the camera point at him. Try to turn off the light - if shooting in spite of this, will continue, now you have a real infrared camera.
Infrared do not point the flashlight directly into the eye or camera. Although infrared radiation and ultraviolet safer, at high intensity it can damage your eyesight. Note that to hide the fact that shooting is impossible, because the light of the lantern and perceive other cameras.
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