You will need
  • passport, certificate and income and other necessary documents
If re-treatment to the representatives of the social services for child benefits you will need to confirm their financial position if necessary, and provide all the necessary documents. In order to renew the allowance, contact the one stop shop for the community.
All documents prepare in advance. You will need passports for all family members, birth certificate of the child, who is supposed to benefit, as well as birth certificates of other children if you have multiple kids in the family.
Take with you a certificate of marriage and certificate of family composition, which can be obtained from the management company. If at the time of filing an application for assignment of benefits you are divorced, don't forget to provide professionals a certificate of divorce. Prepare in advance the documents confirming the receipt of alimony. The documents must indicate the amount of monthly payments for the last 6 months.
At renewal benefits you need to confirm the adverse financial situation of his family, which gives the right to receive cash payments. For this pre-contact accounting for income certificate for last 6 months. The same certificate must take the place of work spouse.
If you at the time of treatment does not work for, consult to the exchange for employment. The specialists of this service will be given a certificate stating that you do not consist on the account, if you are referred to them earlier. At registration they will need to issue a certificate confirming the assignment of unemployment benefits. This form of cash payments included in the calculation of per capita family income.
Under current law, a woman may not be at the labor exchange and work until the child reaches a certain age. If the family is not working man, please provide all the information confirming his disability, or make sure in advance about his employment or registration at the labor exchange. Otherwise, you will be denied benefits.
Possible before collecting documents go to social services or to visit in person. Perhaps, since the previous treatment, something changed. Pay particular attention to how should be issued certificates and that they should be displayed. All the necessary documents to bring in original and as copies.