You will need
  • The game "Twister", "Monopoly", a tray of eggs, camera, friends
Saturday morning will be dedicated to a strong healthy sleep after the working week it would be nice to get some sleep. Moreover, the longer you sleep, the longer you don't care about the food. Money you don't have, and the refrigerator is only a dozen eggs. After Breakfast scrambled eggs, spend a bit of time for cleaning. View old photos in albums, select the ones that cause the most pleasant emotions and place them in prominent places.
For the evening, invite friends to visit. The theme of the evening will declare as "Resting play", advance warning friends about the contents of the refrigerator and wallet. So you don't have to worry about their own stomach and the preservation of chicken eggs. In advance ask around from friends that there are games "Monopoly" and "Twister".
Spend the evening with friends over games. If "Monopoly" and "Twister" at anybody from friends is not found, do not worry. There are no less beautiful game "Mafia" and "Crocodile", popular in recent years. To their credit, they are not only popular but also very interesting and entertaining. You will not notice how now and Saturday came to an end, and you are well fed and cheerful.
Wake up Sunday, when the morning songs of the birds can no longer be heard, but the sun is in Zenith. Take in hands a camera and one or a few good friends or girlfriends and go on a photo shoot. Do not forget that the money we have, so to stay close to home is not recommended - back to back, too, on foot. Explore the native surroundings. You will be surprised how many interesting things you never noticed near his home. And the photos will remain in the memory of the place where you now live.
Come and visit one of his friends, maybe feed you a delicious dinner. But if not - remember, in the fridge you are waiting for the eggs which will make a wonderful eggs. Of course, these weekend will be a celebration of your stomach. But you or remember student days, and prepare for them thoroughly. And stop being afraid of such weekends, they too can spend fun and useful.