Where to buy a ticket to the camp

To buy a ticket to "Artek" can be directly on the official website of the camp artek.ua. To do this, go to "Vouchers" and click on the link "Book a trip online." To open the page we need to read the rules of booking and to obtain information on the necessary documents for obtaining the permit. Below will open the ordering application. After you submit the request within three business days to pay the ticket. The price is excluding transportation to the camp.
The official representative of the camp in Moscow - limited liability company "Artek tour", which is located on Petrovka street, 19/1. Phone: 8 (495) 725 47 97.
Many travel agencies offer to purchase vouchers from them. Convenient to get permits through a travel Agency, as they all transfer problems are taking on.

Think about tickets in advance, as the closer the fly, everything can be sold. For early booking we take a 50% prepayment of the tour price.

The cost of tickets varies from 27000 up to 60,000 R. R. Price depends on the change and the town. In the location of "Artek" is located in 10 towns. For example, 7, 8, 9, or change the dates 22.06—12.07, 16.07—05.08 and 09.08—29.08 ticket to "Sea" the town is 60 000 RUB. And in those races, but in other towns - "the River", "Field", "Forest"and "lake" - a ticket can be purchased for 37 000 R. Average prices in the children's Playground "Amber", "Cypress", "Crystal" and "azure".

Children's camp "Artek"

"Artek" is located in the Crimean Peninsula on the Black sea, near Yalta in the village Guzuf. For advice about tours and getting information about how much they cost, please call the number +38 (0654) 36 36 72.
Dealers and individuals trips would cost much more since they are simple middlemen.
Tickets to camp can get from dealers, individuals, representatives of the "Artek" in firms and organizations at the place of work, the Committee on youth and families and directly through the administration of the camp and its website.

The camp is for children aged 9 to 16 years. Children before shipping needs to undergo a full medical examination in the clinic by place of residence. Upon arrival in the Artek children again pass strict medical control.

For entertaining kids camp offers indoor and outdoor pools with sea water, Playground, tennis courts, various clubs, sports clubs, excursions to museums, theatres, monuments of history and culture, computer labs and libraries. In each shift there are film festivals, Olympiads, sports competitions for children. Artek meets all the requirements of the international standard and has official status from UNESCO.