The supercompensation: what is it?

After sports training your muscles gradually start to recover. This long process can be divided into several stages. During the first stage, the muscles go back to potrenirovatsja level. The next stage is the growth of muscles, their efficiency increases. The period for which the muscles do not just rest after training, but become stronger – and supercompensate. Reaching its peak, athletic performance starts to decline and gradually return to potrenirovatsja level.

The peak of supercompensation is the perfect time for the next trip to the gym. If you exercise muscles that have not had time to fully recover, the training effect will be negligible, if not negative: weary muscles threatened overtraining. The effectiveness of training to be reduced and in that case, if you miss the right moment: at the peak of supercompensation muscle performance may increase by 10-20%, allowing the athlete to increase the load.

This is an important point because only a constant increase in load can provide a stable growth performance. Overhead, the athlete will only be able to maintain the level already achieved.

How to determine the perfect time to workout?

Unfortunately, to accurately determine the period of supercompensation is impossible. This process is individual and depends on many factors: the metabolism of an athlete, initial level of fitness, intensity, power, overall condition of the body. In addition, different functions and muscle groups are recovering in different ways and the period of supercompensation different.

You must consider this caveat: if the workout was not intense and my muscles got a sufficient load, the supercompensation will not, the performance will not increase. In the case of excessive load occurs overtraining, and as a result, stopping the development of athletic performance, if not regress.

Cyclic training is the solution to the problem of supercompensation

The solution to the problem of supercompensation – competent training program, tailored to the individual characteristics of the athlete. One of the most important principles of this program – cyclic alternation of load intensity, which is produced by different muscle groups.

The essence of calironia the training is to split the sports program on some periods which are repeated with different degrees of intensity: easy, medium, and high. Perfect training split, when the program is divided into several days, during which the athlete is working on a separate muscle group.

It should also be noted that different parameters (such as strength, endurance, muscle volume, etc.) the period of supercompensation is different and requires loads of varying intensity. Therefore, it is a split workout with cyclic change of load provides a uniform development of all training parameters.