Solarium or tanning?

Tanning has several advantages over the sunlight and visits to Solarium. First, it manifests itself on the skin immediately after application, while remaining absolutely safe for health. To accelerate the receipt of a bronze skin tone help bronzanty or autobronzant, which give the body a beautiful shimmer and Shine with light-reflecting particles contained in their composition. Thanks bronzant the skin can be visually aligned, making the silhouette slim and fit. Ideal for this purpose, suitable products OLAY, AVON, Lancôme, clinique or quick sun.

Unfortunately, the effect bronzantov is not durable – they stay on the skin for just a few hours and is easily washed off with water.

Second, self-tanning products can remain on the skin for several days, as they react chemically with proteins of the skin, staining the Horny layer of the epidermis. To get a light tan, it is advisable to use milk and lotions with tanning effect, more saturated color give special wipes and mousses.

Tan not to use when having skin problems (illness or minor injuries) and pregnancy. Before applying you should not put on body deodorants, perfume, toilet water and other cosmetics because it can join with the bronzer in an unpredictable reaction. Immediately after the procedure is advised not to wear bright or tight clothes.

The best bronzer

For everyday use is the perfect self-tanning lotion "Lancaster self tanning gradual hydrating bronze lotion SPF 6 face and body". It gives a smooth natural tan, gently placed on the skin, well absorbed and gradually allows you to achieve the perfect shade. To put it preferably at bedtime, and reviews can be found on specialized Internet sites.

If one area of the skin has a more dark color, it is necessary to RUB a slice of lemon that will lighten too "tanned land".

Beautiful Golden tan with iridescent effect will give the "Tanning-Care 3-in-1 Light Effect (Bronze Nature)" from Yves Rocher. In just one hour this tool with triple action will give gorgeous skin tone, moisturize it and make it more flat and smooth. Experienced users recommend to apply it on the face and neck, avoiding the eyebrows, eye contours and roots of the hair. To use this bronzer on a daily basis during the first four days, after which you need to refresh the skin every three days.