How to make a piston in Minecraft

To craft a piston, prepare the following materials: stones, boards, red dust and iron ingots. Put all the items on the workbench as shown in the picture.

How to make sticky piston out of the ordinary

In the game Minecraft you can create more and the sticky piston. This requires ready an ordinary object and mucus. Position the objects as shown in the picture and enjoy the result.

The slime you can find the slugs that are found near the marshes.

How to use a piston in Minecraft

To do with the aid of the piston mechanisms that you must put your face to his. One piston can move a maximum of 12 units. The piston can move even the player, so often used in traps.

The sticky piston, on the contrary, one gets the unit back.

It is very convenient to use in the creation of automatic doors.

So, if you did normal or sticky piston in Minecraft, you can manage them with the help of levers, the circuits of red stone, or buttons.