To make the show a funnel, it is necessary, as for the manufacture of other items, to have a workbench.
On the bench you want to put the following items:
- iron ingots;
- the chest.
Iron ingots is easily obtained by smelting iron ore in a furnace. Ore can easily be found in the game world of Minecraft in the mines.
The chest can be made from eight wooden blocks, laid out in the window of the craft in a circle.
To make the feed hopper, it is necessary to place these items as shown in the picture. The bottom line need polhode iron ingot in the Central cell mid - chest in the middle and two bars on the edges, and the bottom line - the edges of two iron ingot.
funnel in minecraft
When you make a funnel in Minecraft, you can not only install them between the containers, stick them in the trolley and connect with each other.