The idea of using piston matured one of the players. In earlier versions of Minecraft craft piston was only possible when using mods. In modern versions of the game, the piston can not only make but also use it for crafting other items, such as sticky pistons.
Pistons are meant to push the other blocks. One such item can move up to 12 blocks at a time. It is impossible to move only some of the materials - obsidian, blocks, portals, chests, signs, bedrock exposed.
Since pistons can act on objects and players, this property is actively used by many users when creating traps, which, for example, face uninvited guests in the pit.
To craft a piston in the game Minecraft, you need a workbench to put three boards in the top row, two cobble in the right and left column, the unit of iron - in the center square with the red dust underneath.
Pistons can be used with a sliding door. Make wide the gate, it is convenient to attach the pistons to the other blocks. This problem is solved by creating a sticky piston.
To craft the sticky piston in Minecraft, you need the typography in the bottom middle cage to put of the ordinary piston, prepared in advance, and in the center place a piece of slime collected from slugs.