Advice 1: What to do with the bride's bouquet

Traditionally, the wedding day, the bride throws the bouquet of my unmarried friends. This beautiful custom has come from time immemorial and was present at various times in many cultures. With the bride's bouquet always done in different ways.
What to do with the bride's bouquet
The bride's bouquet is an important symbol of the wedding ceremony. This expression using colors of sincerity and the completeness of feelings of the groom to his beloved. The groom chooses the flowers for the Bridal bouquet personally, trying to pick them up not only to a wedding dress and external appearance of the bride, but also to emphasize the dignity of his beloved, perfectly to highlight her character. The groom typically helped by experienced florists, and sometimes the bride herself.

The prevailing custom, the groom presents the bouquet to the bride immediately after the redemption of the future spouses. The fact of making her wedding bouquet from him once again confirms her consent to marry him.

During the ceremony the bouquet is in the hands of the bride. When it was over, she turned back to the guests, throws his unmarried friends. According to the sign, the one that caught this symbolic object, soon to be married. Caught the Bridal bouquet she will keep until her own wedding.

The tradition of the bride to give her bouquet to her friends has deep roots. In the middle ages in Europe were usually torn off the flap of wedding dresses in the hope that it will become the mascot and will quickly marry its owner. After the wedding dress has turned into an expensive and luxurious outfit, they began to cherish and bequeath. Flap was replaced leg garter, and later turned into a bouquet.

In Russia your bouquet after the wedding, the bride gave the "happiness" of my unmarried friends. For this she was blindfolded, and the girls, vadamee around her dance, was expecting when she randomly will give flowers of any of them.

Currently, many couples do not want to make a lot of noise around this tradition. It is either omitted entirely, and the bride cherishes her wedding bouquet or the couple orders a bouquet understudy especially for unmarried friends. Here are used a variety of techniques and experience florists to provide basic security during the throwing of the bouquet friends: cut off the spikes, use other flowers, woven artificial materials.

Sometimes wedding bouquet after the wedding the bride gives away her friends in the flower, but for the most part wedding bouquets kept as a relic, because it was a gift from the spouse on the wedding day, keeping his love.

If you are the lucky winner of the bride's bouquet, and it is made of natural colors, you zaschite him with bowed heads down in a dark and warm place. After it dries, make a wish about their own future wedding, search for a secluded place and wait. Artificial bouquet will remind you of the wedding of a friend, an interesting custom and your desire. It can be placed, as I taught ikebana, choosing the right place.

Advice 2 : How to catch the bride's bouquet

The European tradition of catching the bouquet the happy bride at the wedding is gaining popularity in Russia. Not surprisingly, it is believed that the lucky lady who caught the delicate decoration of flowers, will marry during the year.
How to catch the bride's bouquet

Not so simple with the bride's bouquet

This sign can be attributed to the mystical. As often happens, people are very well known, only a fragment wound of the ritual, the actions that need to be taken before and after catching the bouquet, nobody knows. This explains the "idle, idle" bouquets.

To correctly catch the bouquet and not to jinx your luck, you need to prepare for the ceremony. When the bride declares that it is ready to throw the bouquet, all the single and adult participants line up behind her. The bride in no case should not turn around and look at their girlfriends and not have to "aim". She just needs to tell them that the bouquet is thrown, for example, on the count of three.

Bouquet to "work", during the shot girls do not have to move and break forward, to catch the flowers, "providing" themselves for marriage. The bouquet itself should fall into the hands of someone who will soon be lucky to meet your favorite person, or receive from, the existing offer of marriage. At the moment the throw is a kind of revelation, the bouquet does not have to stop the "jump" to the right girl.

Sometimes it happens that the bouquet isn't won. If present, the girls tried to pull each other flowers, arranging a real fight, most likely this means that no one married during the year will not fall.
In Britain, a large part of the amount of traditional bouquets of pansies and forget-me-nots.

What to do with the loot?

But if the bouquet still got to you, you must make some manipulations to "build success". In the early days of the bouquet can simply be put in the water, when the flowers will die, make them dry and move the bouquet in a vase without water. Of course, a dried bouquet will not look as attractive as fresh, so it can be placed anywhere. Preferably, however, it does not drop.

Happy to throw the bouquet, you can only the day before his wedding. After all, if you did everything right, not trying to grab a bunch of the other girls, you will definitely be married within a year after receiving such good and weighty news.
The first brides bouquets were made of orange color.

Contemporary bouquets are often made with portbuketnitse of plastic, which are filled with water. To obtain such a work of art on the head a little pleasant. So many wedding bride throws is not your real bouquet, and fake and easy, allowing you to avoid injuries among the unmarried guests. Fake bouquets made of real and faux flowers. They are specially strengthened so that they are not disintegrated in the air on the part during the throw. Besides, these bouquets are much easier to store until the next wedding that they portend.
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