Hit a pedestrian within a crosswalk implies the guilt of the driver. The severity of punishment is determined by various confounding factors and varies from administrative liability and penalty before imprisonment for a period of 5 years. Liability for such accidents can be of two types: criminal and administrative.

The consequences of a collision is determined by medical examination, the degree of health damage (light, medium, heavy). If after an accident the victim is on "sick leave" less than 3 weeks, the harm caused to health, is easy, more than 21 days moderate severity. Forensic examination of a verdict of serious damage. The results of the survey compiled a medical report which is attached to the case materials.

Administrative responsibility
If the accident was the result of injury to or moderate severity, the case could result in an administrative penalty. The civil court will consider the case and will charge in favour of the victim from 5 to 8 minimum wage or deprive the driver of the rights for a period of 6-12 months, or impose detention for 15 days. If the driver left the scene, the penalty increases to 10-15 minimum wage.

Criminal liability
It occurs when serious bodily injury of a pedestrian. Depending on related factors (intoxication, failure to provide first aid, etc.) the driver could face from 6 months to 5 years of imprisonment (article 264 of the criminal code). In addition, the offender is deprived of the right to drive vehicles for a period up to three years. In special cases (section 6 of article 264) were in an alcohol intoxication of the driver responsible for the death of two and more persons, the court may impose a sentence of 9 years imprisonment.

After 6 months after the accident and the opening of criminal proceedings in Russian law may grant Amnesty to blame drivers if they fall in the list of prisoners published by the Resolution of the State Duma of the Russian Federation":
- minor;
- committed a crime as a juvenile;
a woman with underage children;
- a pregnant woman;
a woman older than 55 years;
- man over 60 years old;
- male, with children under 3 years;
- the disabled person of the I to III group.
This can happen after and before trial. After that, the victim will only have to file in civil court to claim with a guilty offender for material and moral damage or to appeal to a higher authority.