The rules of the road document, the provisions of which are binding on all participants in this process. Accordingly, their violation of the perpetrators should be punished.

Duties of pedestrians

A complete list of duties of pedestrians as road users is established by section 4 of the Rules of the road. Paragraph 4.3 of the said section provides that in the case that pedestrians must cross the roadway, they must use the underground or overhead pedestrian crossings and in case of their absence - to cross the road at the intersection of the line of the sidewalk or curb. Thus, crossing the road in any other place in the presence in the zone of visibility of a pedestrian crossing or intersection is a violation of pedestrian traffic regulations.

Responsibility for violation of traffic rules by pedestrians

For infringement of rules of traffic it participants Hiking they should bear the responsibility stipulated by the current legislation. In turn, the main legal act governing the punishment and the amount of such liability, in our country, is the Code of administrative offences registered by the laws of the Russian Federation under number 195-FZ of 30 December 2001. Issues related to violation of traffic rules, described in Chapter 12 of this regulatory legal act. In particular, responsibility for violation of traffic rules the other parties, except drivers of vehicles prescribed in article 12.29 of the administrative code, are considered violations committed by pedestrians.

It is noteworthy that the document is not differentiarum different types of traffic violations committed by pedestrians. Regardless of the nature of the misconduct, they provided a single sentence: paragraph 1 of article 12.29 of the administrative code prescribes that a traffic violation committed by a pedestrian, the latter is subjected to a warning or imposition of penalty in amount of 500 rubles. This is quite a substantial amount of the fine has been installed for pedestrians relatively recently - in July 2013. Prior to that, the size of a monetary penalty applied to pedestrian and road users who violated the rules was 200 rubles. The increase of the monetary penalty was intended to encourage pedestrians to more closely follow traffic rules because they often cause road accidents.