Where to start?

To start working with the device with this operating system, you need to have a Google account. If you already have this, you can use it. Account to your phone or tablet is tethered with it and it will link the archive of emails, contacts, settings. In case of loss, breakage or theft of your phone all the data you can restore it with the help of Google account. By creating an account in your phone's memory, don't forget to include all important data and backup or alternate email address. Each time you connect to the Internet all new data will be duplicated on a dedicated server, this smartphone will do without your participation.
It is advisable to install on smartphone and computer Dropbox, this will allow you to directly upload photos and other files from your phone to the computer and back.

To fully enjoy the pleasures of working with a Android smartphone, you need to purchase a cellular tariff with unlimited Internet. If you don't want to do that, enter in the phone settings that would update all files using Wi-Fi only. It is necessary to reduce the cost of mobile Internet, because Android is constantly trying to update various installed apps, check email, connect with accounts in Facebook and other social networks. All of these actions can seriously damage the wallet untrained user who pays the mobile Internet megabits.

Features of the Android

The phones running on Android can perform many functions. With their help you can watch movies, listen to music, take photos, surf the web, play specifically designed for mobile devices games, read books. However, all this quickly drains the batteries of the devices. So, you need to carry the charger and to "tweak" some settings. For example, leaving the house, it is advisable to disable your phone's Wi-Fi, since a considerable amount of energy expended in the search for available points and connect to them. Is, besides, disable Bluetooth and GPRS, especially if the Internet on your tariff is limited. If you have vision, you can reduce half the brightness of the screen, because his work takes most of the energy.
Buy a special protective film to protect the screen of your smartphone from scratches and scuffs.

Don't forget to put on your phone is a good antivirus. Now more and more unsafe applications you can download from the net or get email. There are many free anti-viruses for Android, you can find them in the Play Market. A database of all applications written for Android. Particularly relevant anti-virus software, if you use mobile banking services because many viruses are created for the interception of critical payment data, so it is extra secure.