In the 20th century, cats began to appear frequently in litters of other breeds. Probably there was some kind of mutation that led to the unexpected birth of the ancient species.

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As was again withdrawn cats-Sphynx

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Amazing kittens interested breeders. Attempt to bare the cat was first made in 1966 year in Canada. Then in Ontario the cat brought hairless kitten, named prune back. When the kitten grew, it brought to my mom." The result was ordinary and bald cats. Prune back constantly drove with the closest relatives to strengthen the signs of the future of the breed.

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However, the experiment was crowned with complete success only after 9 years. In 1975, the year in the United States cat, without the fur. He was given a symbolic name – the Epidermis. This kitten became the ancestor of all the Sphynx, available today on Earth.

имя для котенка сфинкса

I must say, to maintain the purity of the breed is still quite hard. Cats-Sphynx was bred by crossing a bare instances are short-haired and even long-haired breeds. Therefore, today in the litter of the Sphinx can be detected kitten with plenty of hair, despite all the efforts of breeders.

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The breed characteristics

Common characteristics of the breed believe the lack of fur and a small tuft of hair on the skin, which is when stroking the cat resembles to the touch suede. Hairless cats have a rounded shape even in the joints. Their movement is full of peculiar bliss. Splayed in different directions, ears like butterfly wings. The breed "Sphinx" is always rounded tips of the ears.

These characteristics should not add huge eyes incredibly expressive with a slit which is common to all specimens. Many Sphynx owners say that hairless cats have a mystic look.

Canadian cats-Sphynx can have a bit of wool in the nose, on the paws and on the back of the ears. In addition, the skin of sphinxes "decorated" with numerous folds. It is believed that the more folds, the stronger the breed.

A long thin tail curls up so as not to be able to wrap your tail no cat of other breeds. Another difference of the Sphinx is a solid look that a cat will never take the first.

Is an extremely friendly animal that is moving closer to all family members and other Pets living in the home. Cats-Sphynxes do not like conflicts, they are too wise.