You will need
  • Baby shampoo with a neutral PH factor or a special shampoo marked "naked animals", a large towel, a thermometer for the bath.
Prepare everything you need: shampoo, you wash your pet, a large towel. Type in the bathroom or a basin of hot water. Remember that the temperature of the body of the Sphinx is much higher than the temperature of the human body, so the water should be much warmer than you would normally use for yourself, preferably 36-38 degrees. Dial tub up to about the middle of the chest of the Sphinx. Be sure to turn off the water before swimming, as the noise may scare the cat. Your pet doesn't slip and feel confident in the water, put it under the foot rubber Mat.
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Slowly lower the cat into the water, let it get used to. During the process, gently talk to her. Lather all over the body, particularly affected areas may be washed using a soft sponge or washcloth. Keep the soap did not get into the eyes and ears of the Sphinx, the face does not need watering at all. Rinse well with shampoo, make sure it is not left on the skin of the pet, as this can cause irritation.
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When the washing procedure is finished, take out the Sphinx from the water and immediately wrap him in a large towel. Very carefully blot the moisture and hold up until the cat is completely dry. Do not let the pet early, as it can easily catch a cold. In any case, do not use for drying Hairdryer, this would scare the Sphinx and burn it.
имя для котенка сфинкса
If the skin is your pet prone to dry, after bathing, put low-fat butter. Suitable easy baby massage oil or a special moisturizer from the pet store. To complete hygiene procedures wipe the ears and eyes of the cat sterile cotton wool and trim the claws.
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