Sphinxes usually easy enough to tolerate the procedure of washing and willing to give themselves to wash almost daily. However, if your pet is not too located to the water, then wash it slightly less often, but at the same time every day gently wipe his skin with a damp sponge or a soft towel.
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As a means for washing such cats can use any shampoos or Soaps, which do not contain strong flavors and a pH which does not exceed 5.5. Ideally for this purpose you can use baby shampoo. Wash the Sphinx with hands or sponge, thus avoiding the ingress of water into the cat ears and washing the face without special tools – clear water. The water temperature for washing of the Sphinx should be moderately warm.
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After washing to help dry off the cat, gently wiping her with a towel. While the skin of the Sphinx is still wet, keep it in a warm place and protected from drafts so that your pet is not cold. If after washing you will feel the unnatural dryness of the Sphinx, you can carefully lubricated it with baby oil.
In addition to the bathing procedure, you need to pay special attention to the care of the ears and eyes of the Sphinx. Cats of this breed there is an increased salootdelenie, so clean their ears have often enough. The best chart of this procedure two times a week. The cat's ears should be cleaned with cotton swabs soaked in clean water. You need to clean very carefully, treating only the visible part of the ear.
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Eyes of the Sphinx need special care, as these animals have absolutely no eyelashes, and eye contact of dust and particles inertnykh Sphinx protects actively secreted gelatinous secret. To prevent adhesion of the eyelids of cats due to an excess of these secretions to wash the eyes of the Sphinx need daily. For these purposes, it is best to use a cotton pad soaked in distilled water or tea.
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