Classification of hotels

If you are demanding comfort, choose hotels that have one star. Please note, linen will be changed once a week. From pieces of furniture in the room are just chairs, wardrobe and beds. Outerwear you put on the rack. The room has a mirror. Five rooms have only one toilet and shower.

At the hotel with two stars, the linen is changed every six days. The room will be a bathroom and a toilet. Nutrition is organized in a restaurant located in the hotel building. If we talk about the three-star hotels, here the linen is changed twice a week. Towels removed and replaced with a new one every day. The rooms feature a TV, air conditioning and a fridge. In the bathroom in the presence of soap.

Very popular accommodation with four stars. The hotel offers more amenities. We should also mention the stylish design. Hotels with five stars offer the highest level of service. You will enjoy sophisticated interiors and excellent cuisine in the restaurants. A room in a hotel will not be close. A lot more suggestions.

Now, choosing a hotel, you will be guided on the number of stars and know all about service level. In Europe adopted the "star" system. In Africa and Asia – point. A single global classification. But the requirements for hotels are the same everywhere. Take into account the room size and number of rooms, level of service. In Russia, Brazil and China found the system of "stars". This statement is true for most European countries.

And what in France...

There are some differences in the classification of hotels France, Turkey and Holland. The "stars" of the French hotel assigns the Ministry of tourism. On the lowest level there are hotels without a category. This class is NT. The facilities here are minimal. This bed, nothing more. This equated to hostels.

Budget version include hotels with two stars. In the hotels category SUP already have TV in room and telephone. The Breakfast menu is more diverse. A restaurant or cafe is in hotels with three stars. Services in hotels of this category more than a two star.

Hotels with four stars – a hotel of business class. The list includes round the clock service, a wide choice of amenities and great service. The most expensive hotels in France are called the Palace. This category features the highest level of service, excellent accommodation and great food in restaurants.