Flaky sweet pastry

For making sweet dough takes 1 Cup of beer, 200 g margarine, 3.5 cups flour,5 cups of sugar.

Margarine to grind with sugar until smooth. Then add the beer, stir and begin to knead the dough, adding in the flour. The dough should be quite steep and elastic.

Pastries from this dough will be flaky structure. The dough is rolled out into the reservoir and cut into squares. You can bake cookies sprinkled with chopped squares of dough with cinnamon and fold them in half. And you can make puff pastry rolls with filling. For the filling will suit fruit, thick jam, boiled condensed milk, but you can just pour the layers of dough and nuts.

Fresh pastries

In contrast to the prescription described above, this version of the test on the beer does not contain fat additives and baking is more fresh, suitable for the preparation of pizza bases or crackers.

For the dough will need

- about 5 tbsp. beer
- 1 tbsp. flour
- 1 egg
- 1 tbsp vegetable oil
- pinch of salt

The egg pounded with a spoon of vegetable oil, then added flour, salt and beer. The dough is made thoroughly to a smooth consistency, until no longer sticks to hands. This version of the test get a good pizza crust, thin and flaky after baking. You can prepare crackers or savoury biscuits with cheese or other flavoring additives. Cheese previously rubbed on a grater and added during kneading. Seasonings can be sprinkled on top of cookies before baking. Condiments can be quite diverse depending on the taste. In the dough when cooking, add the bouillon cube, and then get creative snack biscuits with beer. The same version of the test can be used for baking cakes when making a cake "Napoleon".

The batter on the beer can cook and freeze for future use. Before cooking the dough is defrosted and warmed to room temperature. Defrosted the dough keeps its plasticity and structure.