When there are pleural layers

These connective tissue structures are the result of the involvement of the pleura in inflammatory process. They isolate the affected areas from healthy tissue in pneumonia, fibrinous and purulent pleuritis. As a rule, the pleural layers persist for a long time after the cure of the patient. Sometimes they may appear non-productive cough, a temporary feeling short of breath and a slight pain in the chest, for example, against respiratory infection. In some cases, the pleural layers calicivirus, which facilitates their identification during the examination of the lungs.

How is diagnosis

The pleural layers can be detected by fluoroscopy and radiography. If they are small, in the pictures there is a lack of darkening of the lung fields and increased vascular-connective pattern, and sometimes do not reveal any changes. With more severe growths pleural wall marked irregular diffuse darkening more intense in the lateral parts of the lungs. An indirect sign of scar puckering the pleural sheets is reducing the height of the standing rib, the decrease in the intercostal space and displacement of the mediastinum to the affected areas. However, such a pattern may occur in scoliosis of the thoracic spine. In this case, more complicated diagnosis of the pleural layers.

In some cases, treatment is required

As a rule, the pleural layers are asymptomatic and do not require the adoption of radical measures. However, when progressive empyema (accumulation of pus in the pleural cavity), they quickly compacted and prevent the expansion of the lung. In this case, conducted a comprehensive therapy, including anti-inflammatory and hormone treatment. At the same time being the drainage of the pleural cavity with continuous aspiration of fluid prior to full recovery of the lungs.

Prevention priuralny layers

Prevention of formation of such structures first of all is early diagnosis and adequate treatment of diseases which can be complicated by the development of the inflammatory process in the pleura. If necessary, should be carried out timely evacuation of blood, air and fluid from the pleural cavity. After surgery on lung binding of specific therapeutic activities that promote the rapid restoration of lung tissue in the postoperative period.