Features custom shapes

The ideal of female beauty are ladies, which are proportional to the size of the thighs, chest and other parts of the body. Unfortunately, the perfect figure do not occur very often. Sometimes the proportion is so broken that it difficult for women to pick out clothes.

Custom are shapes that are difficult to attribute to any particular size range. These ladies thigh can be of the same size and the chest is 1-2 sizes smaller, or Vice versa.
Women of this type often wear baggy clothes, buying a larger size than necessary.

Designers claim that each type of shape you can pick up the style so that the clothes will profitably point out all advantages and hide flaws, but also visually adjust different breast size and hips.

Narrow or, conversely, wide hips, for example, you can hide under the dress of a special breed. There is also clothing for ladies with large Breasts. It is not necessary to pick apart a blouse and skirt or pants and a top. In the store you can buy a dress that will be perfect to sit on the model with irregular shape.

How to choose a dress

If hips women have a larger size compared to her Breasts, she should choose dresses that have a loose enough fit. The upper part of the garment may be tempting to fitting shape, and the lower part should be more extensive. In this case, the perfect flared from the waist line styles. The fluffy skirt will hide wide hips.

A great option for this type of figure will become a wrap dress. It is desirable that the bottom of it was flared. If the difference between bust and hips is not as pronounced, you can try to look for a dress in a loose silhouette in the Empire style.

The owners of lush Breasts and narrow hips you should not purchase the tight outfits. It looks not very nice. Better to give preference to curvy dresses. The upper part of them should be decorated with frills, ruffles. The bodice should have poluprilegayuschy fit.

Narrow hips will hide the dress having so-called a-line silhouette. Such women may be advised to pay attention to a tent dress or dress with a balloon skirt, a.
Owners of non-standard shapes can be advised to make dresses to order. When performing individual tailoring will take into account all features of the figure.

When selecting the size you should focus on that part of the body, which is smaller, provided that the cut of the dress allows it. Baggy clothes look very unattractive and did not paint their owner.