Any themed party assumes a certain outfit that will fit the occasion. For home get-togethers with pajama bias dress simple. You can easily dip into childhood, allow yourself to have some fun and not to comply with any formal or festive dress code. Save translucent night gowns, silk gowns and sexy robes for a romantic evening with your partner. For a pajama theme you will need only comfortable clothing.

Dress according to the season

Clothes for a pajama party should be selected in accordance with the season. For example, if the meeting takes place in the winter, the surest solution is pajamas of knitted or soft stories. Such a kit usually consists of two items – pants and jackets. As a Supplement do not forget warm Slippers or woolen socks.

In the warmer time of the year, in spring and autumn, stop your choice on the set of t-shirts and shorts or t-shirt and short pants. This set is very convenient. If things will be any ruffles or frills – it is not forbidden. Augment the image with delicate coloured socks.

For summer perfect Flirty little home style dresses, baby doll, sundresses or opaque nightgown with thin straps. Try to pick fun prints, bright colors and soft natural fabrics.

What to wear men

The stronger sex are much less likely to participate in slumber parties. It occurs, as a rule, only in case if some couples are good friends with each other. Men in this case can also choose clothes depending on the season. Pajamas for winter, t-shirt and pants for spring and autumn. To Supplement the image will help colored socks or funny Slippers with a picture of the muzzles of animals. In the summer you can choose a thin lightweight shorts and a t-shirt. For the stronger sex without complexes not forbidden, and naked torso.

For more details

At a slumber party you can afford a naughty way, which will help to create a variety of additional things. For example, wear bright striped socks, leg warmers or knee socks. Good soft high Slippers.

Choosing clothes for family parties, pay attention to the colors of things. Prefer fun prints, depicting cartoon characters, bears, cats, etc. don't forget to gatherings to take with a favorite plush toy.

Not worth it at a slumber party wonder with makeup. It should be natural and inconspicuous or absent. In the hair can prevent slight negligence and a children's prank: to collect the hair in two frivolous tail on top or chaste braid, two braids, or even to make careless brushing or romantic curls. When creating hairstyles use a Flirty headbands, bright gum, funny baby clips or bows. Can and does "decorate" your head is large rollers.