Check day of birth in one of billiard clubs of Murmansk. Their sixteen and they are located in different areas of the city. So that your guests do not get bored, spend a Billiards tournament and prepare the two prize - winners and losers. The one who won the victory and handed a consolation prize. It can be a funny figure with the word "Airball" or a souvenir statuette of the Venus de Milo. Attach at the base of the sticker "Even she played better." Of course, to award such prizes are only for those who have a sense of humor.
Go to the bowling alley. Them in Murmansk, two in "M-club" hotel "the Meridian" to street thieves, building 5/23, and by "Sphere" - the Kola prospectus, the house 27. In addition to bowling leagues you can sing with the guests in karaoke, taste European cuisine and Japanese cuisine and dance at the disco after nine in the evening.
If you are a supporter of noisy entertainment, go with your loved one in the greenhouse "World of flowers". It is located at street Shcherbakova, the house 11. There you will find not only beautiful plants but also a huge number of butterflies. In greenhouses placed small tables where you can sit and drink champagne. And butterflies feed on fruits and berries. You seem to to go in the tropics, this day of birth will never be forgotten.
If you have a large family and have children, take them to the Children's town on the Semenov lake. There's a huge amount of fun for kids, there is a restaurant with tiny tables and chairs and a special menu. The property organises holidays to order, you can order decoration with balloons and call animators. In addition, for convenience, built houses in which you can not only sleep, but spend all the school holidays.