Try to keep calm. A hasty decision is usually incorrect, and it is necessary to regret it later. Assess the situation with cold mind, weigh every word that will say to her husband-the traitor.
Don't blame yourself. Your self-esteem should not fall. Often remember your dignity, for which you can and should love. This will help to protect yourself from frequent in such cases, depression.
Cry and talk offense. First with the sensitive man (a relative, close friend, psychologist). Then, calming down a bit, go to the conversation with her husband. But avoid rough accusations, as much as it pains you.
Carefully weigh. Of course, to be together or break up depends on you. But don't forget to consider the important factors: your age, presence of children, marital status, attachment to her husband. Just don't sacrifice yourself — then self-destruction is inevitable.
Avoid revenge. Easier definitely won't be, but the mud in the shower added. Even simple flirting with others can have a twofold effect: to induce jealousy in the husband to refresh his interest to you or, alternatively, to push a spouse toward an early breakup. Avoid a showdown with rival, the surveillance of the second half, ugly scenes — you completely alienate the man.
Be reasonable. Try not to involve in problem of other family members: children, parents, brothers and so on. Let's just keep it between you. And, of course, in any case it is impossible to sort things out in the presence of other people. Prudence and restraint should be your main allies in this difficult period.
No reproaches. If you still forgiven her husband, it is not necessary to rake up the past and constantly accuse him of cheating. It is not good for anybody. Your main task now is to make him love me again.