Cutlets from minced fish: how to choose fish

Fish patties can be sea, river or lake, but always fresh. It should not be too oily, but not dry. The larger the fish, the juicier and tastier burgers. Fish of large size can grind or cut into small pieces, which ensures that no bone. Small fish it is recommended to grind a few times to not feel bone, if they remain while cleaning fish.

Cooking fish cutlets: what to add to stuffing

In the fish meat for juiciness add the cream, raw potatoes or bread. As additives you can use eggs, garlic, onion, herbs and spices, lemon juice. In some recipes allowed to add chicken mince in a small amount.

Patties of fish: how to cook

Minced fish is more liquid than that of minced meat, so fry patties are best breaded and retaining their succulence and form. You can roll the cutlets of fish in flour. If the breading is not like you to abandon it, and to burgers to save the form, you need to fry them in well heated oil. Fry patties need to first on a high flame and without a lid, once both sides formed a crust, the fire can be abated, and the pan close the lid.

Fish cakes in the oven or steamed

For dietary option of fish cutlets not suitable for roasting and baking in the oven with sour cream, grated cheese or butter.

If the kitchen has a pressure cooker or slow cooker are very juicy will fishcakes for a couple. Instead of water you can use fish or vegetable broth with herbs, spices or spices.