Which fish are suitable for cutlets

In principle, the meatballs can be made from any fish – the inhabitants of the black sea coast in the autumn, when there is anchovy, a small fish of the family of anchovies, manage to make delicious burgers even. For meatballs you can use both marine and river fish, only that it was fresh. This is perhaps the main secret of tasty cutlets of fish. If it is a quality fresh product, unpleasant smell, which deters many, will be guaranteed to be absent, and the cakes will turn out fragrant, tender and very tasty.

For the meat, of course, more suitable for fleshy fish, of which at cutting nearly no waste. Good chops from a pike perch, pike, catfish, cod, salmon, catfish, etc. When buying check the fish for freshness and, discarding any hesitation, always smell it. Fresh river fish should not smell mud, and the sea can have a faint smell of cucumber which is particularly characteristic of salmon. To burgers turned out delicious, you need to know some secrets.

Secrets fish tacos

When you cook burgers from lean fish: cod, perch and pike especially in the beef patties, you need to add some fresh pork fat, 50 g for 1 kg minced meat, in this case, they will just melt in your mouth. To burgers were soft, they also add white soaked in milk bread, it should be no more than 30% in the composition of meat.
Accurately observe proportions when cooking meat: too much bread may be the reason that the burgers will fall apart in the pan.

Bread fish stuffing with success can replace semolina - 1 tablespoon per 1 kg of meat. Excellent filling for fish tacos can be finely chopped cabbage or grated on a fine grater potato – 200 g per 1 kg of fish. In minced fish as well as meat, be sure to put a bow and 2-3 eggs. If it is too liquid, add flour.

A special place in the fish meat allotted to the seasoning. Unlike meat, fish cakes garlic are added, and generally assume that the only seasoning that enhanced the taste and aroma of the fish and not overpower them. Add them to your liking, but the black pepper couldn't hurt.
An excellent garnish for fish meatballs will be mashed potatoes, boiled new potatoes or rice crispies, cooked with spices.

Fry fish cakes need in a well heated pan with the addition of a sufficient amount of vegetable oil. So they don't stick, they can roll in flour or breadcrumbs.